Note: Photo by Micronised Minerals Australia. [Image]


Micronised Mineral Solutions (MMS) has developed an innovative process to decontaminate acid mine drainage / mine waters caused by mining processes enabling its safe discharge into the environment.

MMS Enviro Catalyst is a specially manufactured patented reagent developed by MMS for treatment of acid mine water. It is a high-quality calcium oxide product ground to a fine grain size. It is combined with the patented Micro Reactor technology to process stored acid mine water. This process precipitates out the key dissolved metals and reduces sulphate levels to enable efficient, low dilution rate and safe release of the treated water into the environment. Unlike other similar processes, the MMS process does not require additional fresh water to ensure the success of the process.

MMS Enviro Catalyst is manufactured to enable the direct application toacidic water removing the requirement for batch slaking processes. The product has significant water treatment, pH buffering and soil stabilisation capabilities. The product has many similar properties to Hydrated Lime without the significant associated costs.


  • Acid Water Treatment using specially designed Slaking Plant

  • Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment

  • Soil Stabilisation

Packaging options: 500-1200 kgs. Bulker Bags and Bulk Tankers