Roadmaker Stabiliser

The long term performance of any construction project depends on the soundness of the underlying soils. Unstable soils can create significant problems for pavements or structures. With proper design and construction techniques, lime treatment chemically transforms unstable soils into usable materials.

Throughout Northern Australia many building and road construction activities may disturb Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS) with the stripping of topsoil, excavation for table drains, subsurface drains, culverts and sediment retention basins. Disturbed or exposed ASS can be neutralised by the addition of an alkaline material and Micronised Minerals Road Maker Stabiliser is a perfect solution.

Micronised Minerals Road Maker Stabiliser is a specially manufactured reagent for treatment of acidic soils / soil stabilisation. It is a substrate stabilisation additive for construction of Roads and Civil infrastructure.   A high quality Calcium oxide product locally manufactured at our East Arm facility in Darwin, Micronised Minerals Road Maker Stabiliser is ground to a fine grain size with specialised manufacturing equipment—Twin Vertical Roller Mills.

Micronised Minerals Road Maker Stabiliser is specially formulated with unique features:

  • Does not require slaking infrastructure but readily mixes as a slurry using simple batch mixing process

  • Safer to handle compared to other products commonly used for road / soil stabilisation

  • Substantially cost competitive compared to Quicklime and Hydrated lime 

  • Higher bulk density than Hydrated Lime provides better bulk transport economics


  • Construction Operations: Can be used effectively to dry the wet soils and lime treatment can significantly improve soil workability & short-term strength to complete projects easily.

  • Airports: Popular soil treatment option for airport construction and creating sound foundations beneath runways. 

  • Commercial: New construction of shopping centres with accompanying parking areas is common application for lime stabilisation or modification.