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Micronised Minerals Fine Quicklime is a high quality calcium oxide product manufactured to a very fine grain size (typically less than 150őľm), maximising the availability of CaO for chemical processes.

Quicklime or Burnt Lime chemically known as Calcium Oxide (CaO), is a highly reactive chemical with variety of uses in the mining, industrial water treatment sectors as well as Civil sector. Quicklime is most commonly used for its ability to stabilise pH, soften water, stabilise bio-solids, and precipitate nutrients.

Quicklime for Mining sector

Quicklime is mainly used by mining industry to treat runoff and process waters from coal mining, metal mining and non-metal mines. Quicklime used with properly designed slaking plants helps to neutralise acids from mining waters and precipitate metals and non-metals. 

Micronised Minerals has supplied individual clients up to 20,000 tonnes per annum of Quicklime utilising in-house designed innovative Handling and Storage Solutions.

Quicklime for Civil sector

Quicklime has important applications in construction operations. It can be used for Road/Soil stabilisation; dry-up wet soil at construction sites and improve soil-workability and short-term strength.

Road / Soil Stabilisation РWhen adequate quantities of Quicklime and water are added, the pH of the soil quickly increases to above 10.5 which enables the clay particles to break down. The chemical reaction forms cementitious products that forms the matrix that contribute to the strength of lime-stabilised soil layers. The matrix is permanent, durable and significantly impermeable, producing a structural layer that is both strong and flexible. 


  • Acid Water Treatment using specially designed Slaking Plant

  • Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment

  • Soil Stabilisation

Packaging options: 500-1200 kgs. Bulker Bags and Bulk Tankers

Hydrated Lime

Micronised Minerals Hydrated Lime (slaked lime), is a high quality calcium hydroxide product manufactured to a fine grain size which maximises the availability of [Ca(OH)2] for chemical processes.

Calcium Hydroxide [Ca(OH)2], also known as Hydrated Lime, is a fine, odourless white powder commercially produced by reacting Quicklime with sufficient water. It is used in many applications, including food preparation, water treatment, soil stabilisation and can be added to water to produce Milk of Lime.

Hydrated Lime for Government sector

Hydrated Lime is vital to municipalities, it is used for potable water softening pH, removal of heavy metals and impurities from drinking water.

Hydrated Lime for Cattle Industry

Hydrated Lime is used as a binder in cattle-feed products and as a Calcium supplement for animal feed products. Hydrated lime is a highly cost effective method for treating sewage sludge and animal waste from concentrated animal feeding operations.

Hydrated Lime for Civil sector

Hydrated Lime is used as soil stabiliser due to its properties to set-up an alkaline environment in presence of water. It reacts with pozzolans (materials containing reactive silica and alumina) present in the pavement material or subgrade and the hydrates complexes formed with chemical reaction dramatically reduce soil plasticity; increases its workability and improves its compaction characterisitcs.


  • Acid Water Treatment¬†

  • Potable Water Softening

  • Soil Stabilisation

  • Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment

Packaging options: 25 kgs. sacks and 1000 kgs. Bulker Bags

Enviro Catalyst

Micronised Minerals Enviro Catalyst is a specially manufactured patented reagent invented by Micronised Mineral Solutions Pty Ltd., for treatment of acid mine water. It is a high-quality calcium oxide product ground to a fine grain size. 

Micronised Minerals Enviro Catalyst and  our patented Micro Reactor technology are combined to process stored acid mine water. This process precipitates out the key dissolved metals and reduces sulphate levels to enable efficient, low dilution rate and safe release of the treated water into the environment. Unlike other similar processes, the MMS process does not require additional fresh water to ensure the success of the process.

Micronised Minerals Enviro Catalyst is manufactured to enable the direct application to acidic water removing the requirement for batch slaking processes. Micronised Minerals Enviro Catalyst has significant water treatment, pH buffering and soil stabilisation capabilities. The product has many similar properties to Hydrated Lime without the significant associated costs. 


  • Acid Water Treatment¬†

  • Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment

  • Soil Stabilisation

Packaging option: 500 – 1200 kgs. Bulker Bags and Bulk Tankers

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate with NV>99%

Calcium carbonate is a primary component of Agricultural lime, also known as Ag-lime which is used for neutralising acidic soil and to enhance soil quality. Calcium carbonate when added to soil, acts as a rich source of calcium for plants and increases the pH and water-retaining capacity of acidic soils. Also, it enhances the consumption of essential plant nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in acidic soils.

Micronised Minerals Calci Flour is a high quality Calcium Carbonate product ground to mean average particle size of 18 microns. It is specially formulated to maximise the ENV (Effective Neutralisation Value) creating a balancing agent for low pH soils.

Calcium is the ‚ÄúKing of Minerals‚ÄĚ that releases the strongest growth energy for plants, which carries many other nutrients and micro-nutrients into the plant during uptake. Calcium is vital for strong plant cell structure, fruit quality and disease resistance at optimum levels. Micronised Minerals Calci Flour is the perfect product for all fruits and vegetables, high quality hay and healthy livestock.

Key Product Features and Benefits

  • Locally manufactured lime specially formulated to allow 5 times more Calcium uptake by plants than Ag-lime

  • Opens soil structure, with improved aeration, water infiltration, increases soil microbial populations and diversity.

  • Calcium is an essential mineral required for new cell formation in plants as well as reproduction and growth of soil micro-organisms and fungi.

  • Increased plant available nutrients promoted through higher product availability.

  • Micronised Minerals Calci Flour is a micronised dry product that requires lower application rates for effective soil cover, compared to conventional limestone products. Typically, our micron size only requires ¬† ¬†¬† ~11 kg for a surface area coverage of one hectare.

  • Promotes extensive root growth for deeper moisture and nutrient uptake by the plants.

  • Micronised Minerals Calci Flour is a smart product selection to raise pH levels in tropical acid soils.


  • ¬†Acid Water Treatment¬†

  • Acid Sulphate Soil Treatment

Packaging options: 25 kgs. Sacks and 500 Р1200 kgs. Bulker Bags

Gypsum Flour

Micronised Minerals GYP FLOUR is a high quality Gypsum product ground to mean average particle size of 18 microns.¬†It is specially formulated to rapidly release excess magnesium in moderate to heavy clay soils to improve its porosity. It creates an open structure and reduces compaction issues with a higher Ca:Mg ratio, essential for high production cropping.‚Äč

Micronised Minerals GYP FLOUR is preferred Calcium source for high pH soils, as well as reducing excess sodium (salt) levels in soils.

Key Product Features and Benefits 

  • Locally manufactured in the NT, with superior levels of soluble Calcium and Sulphur compared with alternative imported products.

  • Greatly improves nitrogen soil and plant uptake efficiencies resulting in lower application rates for the same crop requirements, thereby reducing production costs.

  • Essential source of sulphur, for higher protein levels in pastures as well as higher plant / soil vitality.

  • Increased beneficial soil microorganism populations and diversity due to improved soil structure and plant available minerals.

  • Application rates > 500 kg / ha to induce a fruiting / seed¬† production response. Multiple applications of lower rates are recommended for more¬†¬† effective soil conditioning.¬†

  • Higher growth rates of forage / herbage production can be achieved with a combination of Micronised Minerals Gyp Flour and Micronised Minerals Calci Four

Packaging options:  500 Р1200 kgs. Bulker Bags


Dolomite has been recognised for centuries as the most valuable fertiliser tool available to farmers, graziers as well as gardeners. It contains elements essential for soil balance, countering acidic effects, triggering germination and providing enzymes vital to all growth and life processes.

Micronised Minerals Dolomite is a high quality, Calcium Magnesium Carbonate product manufactured to a fine grain size, ideally suited for aerial spraying and provides a rapid uptake for crops, fruits and pasture. It provides Carbon Dioxide, vital for synthesis of starches, sugars and carbohydrates and prevents loss of Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Phosphorus and other elements from acid or saline soils.

Dolomite allows improved water penetration for acidic soils, provides trace elements for magnesium deficient soils and considerably improves the uptake of major plant nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium for plants growing in acid soils. 


  • ¬†Ideal for cattle feed where calcium and magnesium mineral supplements are required.

  • Recommended for soils degraded due to over application of fertilisers, continuous cropping or over cultivation to improve soil efficiency and crop yields.

Packaging options: 500 – 1200 kgs. Bulker Bags

Road Maker Stabiliser

The long term performance of any construction project depends on the soundness of the underlying soils. Unstable soils can create significant problems for pavements or structures. With proper design and construction techniques, lime treatment chemically transforms unstable soils into usable materials.

Throughout Northern Australia many building and road construction activities may disturb Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS) with the stripping of topsoil, excavation for table drains, subsurface drains, culverts and sediment retention basins. Disturbed or exposed ASS can be neutralised by the addition of an alkaline material and Micronised Minerals Road Maker Stabiliser is a perfect solution.

Micronised Minerals Road Maker Stabiliser is a specially manufactured reagent for treatment of acidic soils / soil stabilisation. It is a substrate stabilisation additive for construction of Roads and Civil infrastructure.¬†¬† A high quality Calcium oxide product locally manufactured at our East Arm facility in Darwin, Micronised Minerals Road Maker Stabiliser is ground to a fine grain size with specialised manufacturing equipment‚ÄĒTwin Vertical Roller Mills.

Micronised Minerals Road Maker Stabiliser is specially formulated with unique features:

  • Does not require slaking infrastructure but readily mixes as a slurry using simple batch mixing process

  • Safer to handle compared to other products commonly used for road / soil stabilisation

  • Substantially cost competitive compared to Quicklime and Hydrated lime¬†

  • Higher bulk density than Hydrated Lime provides better bulk transport economics


  • Construction Operations: Can be used effectively to dry the wet soils and lime treatment can significantly improve soil workability & short-term strength to complete projects easily.

  • Airports: Popular soil treatment option for airport construction and creating sound foundations beneath runways.¬†

  • Commercial: New construction of shopping centres with accompanying parking areas is common application for lime stabilisation or modification.